We believe that people are what makes or breaks a company. Having the right people to support a strong and comprehensive business strategy is the difference between success and failure.

Strategic Management Consultants (SMC) have worked with business where teams are dysfunctional or senior managers don’t have the time to develop their own people, which funnels down the line.

We’ve worked closely with businesses across; Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, United States, Singapore, and the Philippines, to address problems within the organisation’s behaviour and structure, through to strategy and growth.

We don’t come in and tell you what to do; we work closely with you and your most valuable assets to develop a strategy or plan that aligns to your goals, values, and mission. We embed ourselves into the business so we’re closer to the pulse of the company, this allows us to see and feel the way the company is currently operating and provides a foundation to extract the current business model or operating environment so that proposals are well rounded to address current and future scenarios.

Consulting Services

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Business and Corporate Strategy

Strategy is at the core of any business. A good strategy can take on and succeed against large companies or conglomerates.

Organisational Behaviour and Development

Developing your people or identifying and solving problems within the organisations’ behaviour can result in unrivalled success in efficiencies.

Post-Merger Business Integration

Integration or merging with another company has a range of benefits but can be a minefield when strategically aligning the other companies’ capabilities.

Transformation and Restructuring

Identifying skills within the organisation and where they can best be utilised will assist with achieve economies of scope and efficiencies.

Marketing Strategy

Developing strong marketing and sales strategies leads to a stronger cash-flow position and helps with entering new markets.

Management Consultants

Mitch is the founder of SMC and has acquired a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge spanning across several industries and specialisations.

Mitch has had a strong focus on growth and strategy. Proving high value business strategies that have addressed challenges businesses face in uncertainty ,and the future economic outlook they operate in.

Mitchell Kelly

Principal Consultant