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Business is nothing new, but running a successful business has its challenges. There is a stat out there that 80% of businesses fail in the first year; well this is incorrect, it is actually the opposite – only 20% fail. Over the next 4 years most businesses wrestle with success, with 50% going under. The services offered by SMC help to establish a stronger business model and deal with any uncertainties in the wider economic and operating environments.

SMC found that management are usually highly skilled and specialised in a niche area when working in an SME or large organisation, but as the operating environment changes, so too does the needed approach and a lot of the time management are caught unaware; resulting in lost market share or losing valuable employees. That is why SMC focus on our clients most important issues so that they are presented with long-term opportunities for results; strategy, organisational behaviour, marketing and sales, transformation, and integration.

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Management Consultant Services

SMC have tailored their skills and knowledge to focus on areas of the business that are highly complex and require the use of analysts and strategist. Our management consultants work closely with key management personnel to identify quick wins and future opportunities that the business can take advantage of. Services offered by SMC are delivered in a variety of forms that suit our partners industry and business structure.

Business and Corporate Strategy

Strategy is at the core of any business. A good strategy can take on and succeed against large companies or conglomerates.

Organisational Behaviour and Development

Developing your people or identifying and solving problems within the organisations’ behaviour can result in unrivalled success in efficiencies.

Marketing Strategy

Developing strong marketing and sales strategies leads to a stronger cash-flow position and helps with entering new markets.

Transformation and Restrucurting

Identifying skills within the organisation and where they can best be utilised will assist with achieve economies of scope and efficiencies.

Business Integration

Integration or merging with another company has a range of benefits but can be a minefield when strategically aligning the other companies’ capabilities.

SMC are continually developing new consulting capabilities and researching new areas in business. Be sure to check back regularly or connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with our new capabilities.

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Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.Warren Bennis