Business and Corporate Strategy

Strategy is the foundation of a successful company, without having a well-structured and data backed strategy can result in letting other players or new entrants capture market share.

Establishing a strong strategy starts with analysing the business, economic, and operational environment and the internal structure of the business. A thorough analysis will present areas of improvement or areas that could be exploited by the company. We found that organisation are great at doing research, however can be quite biased or anchored towards clusters of information; getting an external consultant helps to look at the problem from another angle and undertake rigorous research.

Strategic Management Consulting use a range of strategy models depending on the organisations size, values, or industry that provide critical insights into the operating environment and where the business can benefit the most. SMC delves into how other players compete in the segment and what plausible scenarios could play out in the future so that clients are presented with the current and future environments and how they can act on them to benefit.

SMC look at strategies anywhere from 1-year through to 10-years long, with the ideal timeframe being a minimum of 3-years, any longer than this and you risk not being able to stay agile with technological advancements or changes in regulations. We educate our clients on the best ways moving forward and how to undertake strategy development internally to adopt to changing business environments.

Our strategy consultants focus on achieving

  • Sustainable long-term growth

    Through identifying opportunities available to the business or industry with existing resources.

  • Quick wins and future opportunities

    By developing an actionable implementation plan that provides a unique proposition.

  • Identify where to operate and who to compete against

    By developing a business strategy that allows the business to specialise and become a leader of an industry.

  • Establishing unique or competitive business models

    Through combining tried and tested strategic management business models.

  • Provide invaluable strategic insights

    By allowing you to focus on your core business functions.

  • Creating value for customers and the company

    By aligning internal and external opportunities and priorities.

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Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different.Michael Porter