Post-Merger Business Integration

As start-ups look to merge and integrate with larger companies, outlining the entire value chain and supply chain of each company will maximise the value gained and effectiveness of an integration. Post-merger integration (PMI) is becoming more common among organisations of all sizes, however it is also becoming more and more complex and many organisations fail to achieve the full integration potential.

Value gained through synergies from post-merger acquisitions are a source of competitive advantage. To successfully achieve the value gained, organisations need to move fast and establish a dedicated cross-functional team. Engaging with an external consultancy provides insights and removes biases that might arise from all internally involved parties.

Successful integrations are time sensitive and need to be actioned quickly and efficiently if the organisation is to unlock the full value and provide higher rates of return. Combining the operating model allows for value greater than the sum of all parts to generate higher returns for stakeholders. SMC works closely with key management to outline strategic integration objectives that provide long-term value for the organisation.

Each organisation is unique and aligning the integrating companies culture requires establishing a culture of change and agility. Our change management consultants establish talent retention and the best way to achieve organisational effectiveness. Motivating all stakeholders in times of uncertainty is challenging, however our team develops strategies and lead teams to promote the benefits of integration and the value it provides.

Our integration consultants focus on achieving

  • Capture maximum value from synergies

    Through aligning core business functions and reviewing operating models to increase efficiencies.

  • Focus on strategic objectives of the integration

    By identifying and developing value adding objectives that provide stakeholders and customers with value greater than the sum of all parts.

  • Develop cross-functional teams

    That work across all business functions and champion the post-merger integration.

  • Organisational effectiveness

    Through utilising all functions within the business to increase efficiencies and develop an agile business that adapts to a changing environment.

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The stakeholder approach to business sees integration rather than separation, and sees how things fit together.John Mackey