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Marketing strategies are often over looked by companies when reducing costs, however, a strong marketing strategy should not be looked at as an expense but incorporated into a growth strategy to achieve stronger returns on current resources. Used in conjunction with a strong sales strategy, the combination of these two has turned businesses around to leaders in their industries.

Sales and marketing strategies are critical when looking to enter a new market, launch a new product, or achieve a stronger positive cash-flow. Not only do they help increase revenue, but they also play a critical role in positioning the business and building relationships with new and existing clients.

Marketing is changing at a rapid pace and if businesses do not keep up, they will end up spending more than they need on marketing campaigns. Sales and marketing strategies should be developed separately, and then a supporting strategy to integrate the two functions should be developed. Looking at sales and marketing from a revenue stream function has helped clients understand the drivers of each department and how they play a role in their business success.

As engagement metrics develop further, sales and marketing will become more engrained with technology and the use of data. SMC use data backed strategies and tactics to ensure clients receive results aligned to industry peers. Our focus is on generating more revenue for the business and positioning the brand to appeal to new market segments. SMC’s specialists focus on top level marketing strategies that address fundamental marketing metrics such as revenue and engagement; throughout the entire customer value chain.

Our marketing consultants focus on achieving

  • Customer engagement

    By segmenting market audiences and developing new and unique communication approaches.

  • Increased revenue

    Through segmenting markets and identifying new product avenues.

  • Business and brand positioning

    By establishing branding guidelines, approval lines, product management, and communication approaches for each product and overarching brand or business.

  • Decrease costs to acquire revenue

    Through utilising strategies that increase return business or engage new customers within integrated marketing channels.

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The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. Peter Drucker