Organisational Behaviour and Development

Behavioural frameworks are sometimes needed to address and align employees’ actions and reporting lines to the organisation’s strategic goals and aspirations. When companies grow at a fast rate and employees are hired to fill skill gaps or are promoted to cover wider responsibilities, they can drop the ball on being able to manage the wider behaviour of all employees and how the culture and behaviour of the organisation changes.

Businesses regularly have an attractive product or service but are unable to establish a foothold in the market.

Human behaviour is challenging to navigate at the best of times, having a large number of people in an organisation not interacting correctly can cause huge amounts wasted resources and result in an inefficient business. Managing people in the organisation comes down to each and every individual and the role they play in driving outcomes for the company. Today, managing people is not guess work, it comes down to the science of psychology and the behavioural models developed to ensure employees are happy, engaged, and interacting efficiently.

Attracting and maintaining world class employees can set your business apart from others and provide a sustainable competitive advantage. Sometimes businesses need highly skilled specialists, or other times a multidisciplinary teams that are agile and effectiveness in changing uncertain environments.

Our behavioural consultants focus on achieving

  • Effective change management

    Through empowering, building, communicating, and encouraging others to act.

  • Organisational effectiveness

    Through the integration of departments, business units, and resources to execute effective strategies.

  • Conduit between strategy and results

    By establishing a team and sponsors to see through the implementation of action plans.

  • Identifying and developing top talent

    Through establishing a culture driven to achieve the values of the organisation.

  • Boosting performance

    Through organisational design that addresses the opportunities and challenges in the organisation.

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If you could get all the people in the organisation rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.Patrick Lencioni