Transformation and Restructuring

One of the hardest things for human beings to do is change; and successfully achieving an organisational transformation is even more difficult.

Change management and transforming the organisation is never an easy task, but it is something that many organisations go through multiple times a year. It is also something that is difficult to facilitate without the right people in the right places and communicating every step of the way. Businesses need to stay agile to adapt and transform to an ever-changing environment.

Strategic Management Consulting use a variety of models depending on the behavioural situation to ensure that the transformation and restructure is completed in the most effective and efficient way. This ensures that the change sticks and that all stakeholders are reassured the business is moving in the right direction with the right structure.

Sometimes change is not focused to the organisation, but rather the industry, which can result on external forces placing pressure on all players and departments.

SMC leverage the combined knowledge of strategy, organisational behaviour, marketing, and integration teams to successfully navigate uncertain environments to establish an agile team that can adapt to disruption or regulatory environmental and achieve their full potential.

If your business has not been achieving the results originally set our, SMC’s consultants can work with you to develop a cross-functional transformation strategy that aims to improve operational effectiveness, financial stability, and add customer value.

Our transformation and restructuring consultants focus on achieving

  • Identify core functions to address change

    Through asking key management personal specific questions.

  • Leverage existing resources to reduce costs

    Through mapping skills against future scenarios within the organisation and industry and finding quick-wins.

  • Develop sustainable competitive advantages and performance

    Through establishing an organisational design and getting HR involved in strategy planning.

  • Identifying operational efficiencies

    Through rethinking the value chain and operational business model to provide more value to customers.

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Every good business story has a conflict and triumph at the core and a turning point where a transformation takes place. Dinesh Paliwal